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Nowadays, the dynamics and priorities of the ocean sectors, societies and ecosystems are rapidly changing. Marine and maritime sectors are expected to realize their development potential with blue growth so as to fulfill the rising demands of growing human population such as employment, food, energy, raw material, transport, pharmacy and cosmetics. Traditional methods and applications are required to be empowered with advanced information and technologies or to be completely replaced by the new ones. Development and application of new value chains is also coming into prominence to accelerate the competitive growth of marine and maritime sectors in the Industry 4.0 Age.

Considering all the dynamics as described above, there has been a need for a catalyzer that considers blue growth as a whole with its cross-sectoral and inter-sectoral dynamics and depths, and successfuly transfer the latest information, technology and cooperation models to the solutions processes. So as to innovatively and proactively meet this demand, we established our company in 2017 learning from our expertise over 10 years. 

AGMS Blue Growth Center activity areas cover oceanography, maritime transport, marine and coastal tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, marine energy, marine mining/drilling and marine biotechnology sectors integrating Industry 4.0 technologies under Strategy Development, Project Architecture, Project Application and Education Departments.  AGMS Blue Growth Forum is an innovative and competitive working ecosystem establishing three-dimensional dialogues and interactions between marine and maritime sectors, sectoral stakeholders and digital transformation shareholders to produce new generation marine and maritime applications, projects, products and services.  

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