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The Blue Growth Center activity areas cover oceanography, maritime transport, marine and coastal tourism, marine capture fisheries, marine aquaculture, marine energy, marine mining/drilling and marine biotechnology sectors integrating Industry 4.0 technologies under Strategy Development, Project Architecture, Project Application and Education Departments.  



We develop sector, institution and region specific strategy solutions for marine and maritime sectors by using our strategy development infrastructure that we continuously update closely following the innovative progresses and actors at global scale. 


Our short, medium and long term strategy solutions for marine and maritime sectors consists from the below listed outlines; 

  • Updated sectoral state assesments, future predictions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads (SWOT),

  • High priority sectoral problems, capacity development requirements and opportunities to increase the sectoral competitive power and investment, 

  • Advanced information and technologies, innovative developments, successful application and cooperation models applicable in solution processes and digital transformation,

  • Sector/institution/region specific strategic R&D, innovation and cooperation analyses, complementary expert/institution pools and fund raising opportunities.

Our Strategy Solutions;

1) Strategic R&D, Innovation and Cooperation Agenda 

2) Strategic Digital Transformation Roadmap


There are hundreds of national and international funding resources with a total budget at billion Euros levels to rise funds for marine and maritime scientific, technologic, industrial and societal projects so as to solve the marine and maritime related problems and realize their development potentials. We develop innovative and competitive project architecture solutions for ministries, municipalities, private sectors, research units, chambers, associations and clubs by using our Project Development Groundwork consisting from the synthesis of up-to-date progresses, advanced information and technologies, efficient, innovative, result oriented applications and cooperations in marine and maritime areas.


Our Project Architecture Solutions;

1) New Project Development

We develop competitive project proposals focusing problem solution and capacity development in marine and maritime sectors, coherent with local, national and international priorities, legislations, development plans, agendas and vision documents, and support their submission to national (e.g. ministries, municipalities, development agencies, TUBITAK) and international (e.g. EU, EC, UNDP, World Bank, REC) programs. Our project development groundwork supports 7 steps of project development; 1) topic determination, 2) funding source selection, 3) aim and target definition, 4) method, work plan and work flow construction, 5) complementary cooperations, 6) impact and visibility plans and 7) improvement of panel scores. It enables us evaluate the latest information and technologies on the topic and produce the best for each step of project development. ​


2) Project Pre-evaluation 


We pre-evaluate and improve the project proposals considering high scientific/industrial excellence, impact and efficient implementation by using the latest knowledge and technology perfectly matching with the requirements of the call, its evaluation criteria and coherence with the national and international legislations.


We apply fast, economic and efficient solutions to R&D, inovation, cooperation, project management, project supervision, design, production and organization needs of ongoing marine and maritime projects by using our innovative information, technology and expert groundwork.

Our Project Application Solutions;

1) R&D, Innovation and Cooperation Applications 

We meet R&D, innovation and cooperation requirements of ongoing marine and maritime projects by using the latest information and technologies at global scale in collaboration with leading experts and institutions. 


2) Project Management and Supervision

We conduct efficient scientific/industrial, financial and dissemination project management for succesful realization of marine and maritime projects ensuring the timely delivery of outputs and achievement of expected impacts.


3) Design, Production and Organization

- Beyond of the art design solutions such as logo, web site, flyer, booklet, infographics, applications and other project materials that will establish maximum visual communication with the target groups of marine and maritime projects, 

- Short-medium-long length movies by using the latest animation, filming and montage technologies for the specific needs of the marine and maritime projects such as introduction, results share and awareness rising.

- Special events for marine and maritime projects creating efficient participant interaction and generating expected outcome.



360-Degree Advanced Liquid and Solid Waste Prevention, Decrease, Management and Control Education Seminar for Sustainable Ocean Economy Development  


The amount of solid waste, especially plastic reaching our costs and waste water discharging into the marine waters have been significantly increased together with increasing human population, production and consumption trends. Produced in various domains such as domestic, industrial, transportation, energy, tourism, fishery and agriculture, all the wastes are threatening not only natural functioning of marine ecosystems, human health and wellbeing but also the future of marine and maritime sectors. Regulation of the pollution pressure in coherence with legal instruments is highly important as coasts and marine waters bear a potential to fulfill nutrition, raw material, energy, pharmacy and cosmetic demands of todays and future societies and generate employment and economy by blue growth.

Zero Waste for Blue Growth Education Seminar delivers advanced education to marine and maritime stakeholders clearly explaining how to reach the environmental targets in coherence with national and international legal instruments. The seminar consists from the sessions below;

1) Natural balance and functioning of marine and coastal ecosystems, the impact of healthy ecosystems on today and future of societal well-being and marine and maritime sectors, the Blue Growth,

2) The amount of solid and liquid wastes reaching to marine environments according their sources, their ecological and socio-economic impacts and related legal instruments,

3) Successful liquid and solid waste prevention, decrease, management and control application models and their finance structures compatible with the criteria determined in related policy instruments,

4) Innovative partnership models and fund rising opportunities for the implementation of successful waste prevention, decrease, management and control models. 

Up-to-date information, technologies and application models are presented with animations and video presentations in our interactive education seminar. Please contact us for the reservation and more detailed information.


  Number of Participants: Minimum 20 - maximum 200 

  Hosting Institution:         Municipalities, Ministries and other related institutions

  Activity Scale:                 Local, regional, national

  Duration:                          4 hours, 13:00-17:00



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